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How do you organize the availability of work spaces at the office nowadays for your personnel? Due to the strict regulations, it can be quite a puzzle to organize who can come to the office and who can’t. And you don’t want to lose too much time handling a manual task which can easily be automated.

Therefore Heroes created a power app, built on the Microsoft Power platform, to easily organize this for your own office(s). 

You can subscribe for a day at the office via the app, the app decides based on built-in intelligence and determines if you are still able to subscribe or not for that particular day. Sounds like the perfect automated office assistant during this Covid-19 situation, right?

This solution provides your co-workers an easy way to find and reserve their spot at the office.

Want to know how it works? It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Request the free template via info@heroes.nl
  2. Let Heroes deploy, configure & customize your Office Buddy for only
    • 0,99 cent per user/per month (minimum of 50 users)
    • Set-up fee of 2000 Euro
  3. Roll out & ready to use for your co-workers

This app has been built on the Microsoft Power Platform therefore you will only need O365 licenses (E1, E3, E5, F1). Want to add more functionalities and/or features to your app, you might need a Power Apps premium license which can be purchased at Microsoft 365 portal.

Heroes Booking Buddy enables you:

  • To provide your personnel with an app to easily reserve a spot at the office(s) & easily register a guest who’s visiting them (1 guest per employee);

  • To manage the number of employees at the different offices according to the Covid-19 guidelines;

  • To send reminders like i.e. an e-mail the day before about their reservation with possibilities to quickly cancel theirreservation;

  • To easily access a Power BI report about the usage of the app which gives you direct insights.


Besides booking your desk at the office during Covid-19 with a Power App, you can possibly think of more business processes which are currently handled manually but which could easily be transformed into automated workflows (Power Apps). We are always open to brainstorm about the possibilities for your organization.

Want to know more? Contact us via info@heroes.nl