Energize teams. Speed-up go-to-market.

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In today’s world, go-to-market speed is key. From idea to concept, from concept to prototype, from prototype to product, from product to marketing and sales. A popular way to do this is to create cross-functional virtual teams across vertical domains. For example marketing, design engineers, production engineers, etc. work together to get new ideas to market faster.

But how do we keep everyone in-sync? How do we meet our milestones and keep track of our progress? Across not one but across many product development projects at once?


A smart customizable dashboard that keeps everyone in sync. On top of industries standard collaboration tool SharePoint Online. Integrated into Office 365 suite.

The dashboard offers a fun and intuitive way to see how all projects are doing. It employs gamification techniques that coach project members to stay on course and rewards the ones that do.

Being part of the full Office suite enables teams to use products like Microsoft Teams, Skype, Project, Calendar, Mail, Word, Powerpoint, and Excel. All integrated into one single version of the truth.

Projects consist of milestones, tasks, and documents. Tasks instruct project members to deliver a certain output. That output is typically a document. Documents will be reviewed until they are right. Milestones are the more formal part of the project. Just before a milestone, all tasks should be completed and all documents should be reviewed. At the milestone, a formal approval process is kicked off where all stakeholders from R&D, Production, Sales and Marketing sign off on the status before we move to the next phase.

A flexible way of working coupled with strict formal quality gates enables you to stay on top of things and be in control.

Use cases

Lumileds, publicly marketed as Philips Automotive, is a global company that creates innovative LED lighting solutions for the Automotive sector. The way products are marketed and positioned in each market is different.

From the way the product looks-and-feels to the packaging and messaging. Product launches are planned months and in some cases years in advance. R&D, Production, Sales, and Marketing should work in sync to avoid delays and go-live dates being missed.

Working closely with every stakeholder involved, in an Agile way, Heroes developed and deployed a customizable dashboard and program management solution.

Users love it because it combines the tools they already use with a fun and easy to use project overview. IT likes it because it's built on top of a solid Microsoft cloud foundation being SharePoint, Flow and Azure Functions.


  • Smart IT that’s fun to use.
  • Keep cross-functional global teams in sync.
  • Flexible way of working coupled with strict formal quality gates
  • Energizes teams. Speeds-up go-to-market