Reduce friction with AI

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In omnichannel sales, we see a continuing and ever-expanding shift to online sales. But online has a great number of drawbacks. For example, good advice and recommendations for me, the consumer, based on my needs are missing.

As a result, a lot of consumers orient themselves online or go to the retail store for advice and in the end buy online. Especially when it comes to more complex health products.

But why can we not give good advice and recommendations online? And why risk losing the consumer between online and offline?


In the retail store, the salesperson tries to understand what fits best and gives his recommendations. For this, an intellectual dialogue is needed between the buyer and the seller. The sellers are usually trained to know the differences between the various products and how they best apply to a given situation.

This is not what websites have been good at. Until now. The last couple of years AI has moved out of the laboratory into the cloud, where it is ready to be trained to do amazing things, ready to be integrated into your web properties, so that they become much, much smarter than they are today.

Essentially what AI can do is to remove the above-mentioned friction in the sales process. Go direct from the online orientating stage to real smart recommendations converted to a sale. Without ever leaving the online channel.

We will not lose consumers in an omnichannel-world. Your online channel will give smarter answers and better advise. We build an AI that understands your product line and knows under which circumstances this is the best option for a buyer. Making for a better experience, higher brand loyalty and return visits.

The AI will become smarter over time because it lives in the cloud. Waiting to be integrated into the next smart web or app interface.

Heroes is specialised in building smart solutions with AI. Over the years we have been grateful to work with various clients in the high-tech world. Including Philips Automotive / Lumileds.


A couple of examples that we have done at Philips Automotive / Lumileds:

  • Intelligent chat-bot that introduces itself as an assistant which understand texts and has an intelligent dialogue with the user in over 13 global languages. During the dialogue, it tries to establish the make, model and type of the car the buyer is driving. Or kindly offers to consult the government license plate database to get all that information in one go. Then it redirects the user to the right product page with only products that fit the buyer’s car. Then the normal website takes over to assist in the sale. The chat-bot is operating both as a keyboard operated and/or voice-operated assistant.
  • Smart mobile App that enables the users to take a picture from their car. The picture is then automatically analysed to detect the make, model and type of the car.

Again, this is used to quickly show the relevant products and guide the user towards a sale.

The App is smart in a way that if the AI is partly wrong it will use this fact to become smarter over time. In the end, this is going to be an assistant that will prove very valuable because it can be used in a lot of Automotive applications. Not just powering this simple App.

Like Google is letting us identify traffic signs as Captcha’s to prove we are humans while login in. We are in reality training their autonomous car AI. The same concept is used here. 

Innovation proposal

The Heroes Innovation Cycle was created to proof quickly how innovative technologies can contribute to a clients’ organisation:

We propose to start an Explore phase with the aim to identify where this technology can play a role, and what benefits there are. During the Ideation phase we start to define how this can look and how it should work. Then we build a Prototype which can be used to show the technology to the various stakeholders.


We typically take 1-2 week for exploration, 2-3 weeks for ideation and 4-6 weeks to build a prototype. Within an 8-10 week period, we will have the right insight to see how this technology works for you and how this serves a solid business case.

A controlled way to experiment, with limited effort and budget, before we embark on a bigger longer journey.