Intelligent Buildings

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A truly intelligent building measures, understands and responds to its own behavior. Achieving this level of intelligence requires more than just the latest, efficient HVAC and lighting systems. The building needs the ability to automatically analyse all of the data produced by its equipment systems, the resources it consumes and the external environmental conditions it is subject to. Control systems on their own simply aren’t designed to accomplish this.



We offer comprehensive services on System Performance Analytics, Semantic Data Modelling, and Predictive Maintenance. All backed by a combination of SkySpark and Microsoft Azure components, to monitor, report and offer recommendations to commercial real estate owners and managers on how to improve overall building performance, asset health, occupant comfort, and energy efficiency. Our team excels at using advanced software tools to save i.e. more energy in buildings.

Intelligent Buildings

Heroes uses a combination of SkySpark and Microsoft Azure technology to collect, manage, and automatically performs analytics on the data from building automation systems, metering systems, lighting, weather, and other smart devices to identify issues, patterns, deviations, faults and opportunities for operational improvements and cost reduction.

Using advanced dashboards with real-time data, SkySpark informs operators of issues via a complete suite of Apps that automatically visualize operational data, and highlight patterns, correlations, and KPI’s, all without requiring custom development of graphical screens. With SkySpark once your data is connected you are ready-to-go.

Heroes helps building owners and operators “find what matters” in the vast amount of data produced by today’s smart systems across facilities of all types.


SkySpark & Azure


Heroes provides cloud-hosted installations of SkySpark based on Microsoft Azure. We have a full-service team to perform software integration, rule programming, dashboarding and monitoring. Our robust SkySpark rule library is available to our clients and our team can custom program rules for unique systems. With our strong emphasis in building systems engineering, our team customizes SkySpark sites for complex buildings and utilizes the software to identify operational issues. We also offer long term monitoring of buildings to keep operation on track.

SkySpark Value Added Reseller

Heroes working closely together with CIMPRO, the Value Added Reseller of SkySpark in the Netherlands. For more information about CIMPRO: