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#Internet Of Things

Werner Vink

I am Werner Vink, a passionate engineer, and interested in technologies that stimulate user comfort, efficiency and sustainability. IoT is a growing domain that stimulates these aspects, and I love and get energized by bringing this to practice. I, therefore, have chosen to become a Hero; making my personal interests my professional superpower (!), helping our customers to enhance the quality of work in their day to day lives.

Today, data is already produced by large amounts of machines and devices that operate in our daily environment. The possibilities that lie in this data are often unexplored. Moreover, the price of hardware to further digitize the physical world is falling. Giving that even more data will likely be produced in the near future.

The (big data) techniques needed to explore these possibilities are today already widely available. As a result, new business cases are emerging that will thrive the increase of user comfort, efficiency and sustainability. Furthermore, it will give room to new players in the market. I believe that when todays companies do not start exploring these new business cases, they are putting their future at risk. However, which technique is suited for what specific problem, and, what would be the underlying business case. For today’s businesses it is often unknown how to explore these new possibilities.

As of now, I will be able to bring my superpowers to our clients and help them in this rapidly developing world. I’m very excited to work together with my fellow Heroes to explore these exciting opportunities for our customers. I’m convinced the project approach of Heroes is a guarantee to create awesome IoT solutions that will suit our clients needs perfectly, making them ready for the future.


data modelling, control systems, data analysis (Python, Matlab), lean engineering, getting things done

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