The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways

#Think Digital

Jantine Berkelaar

I'm an experienced Agile project manager with a strong "Can do" mentality with the focus on innovative, future proof software development projects. I can bring projects to completion within tight deadlines and tighter budgets, thanks to a problem-solving approach where everyone is involved in the solution.

I like to promote teamwork, within an open and collaborative environment based on SCRUM principles. My approach is fueled by a proactive attitude, awareness of the possibilities in the digital spectrum and commitment to get results.

Facing the team, the key is to understand their skill set and match it to the technology. I make sure everyone is involved from the get go in a space where they can share ideas and solutions, and every single person is made aware of their responsibilities and timelines.

Facing clients, I create strong relationships by listening to what they want, and understanding what they really need. A happy client has their expectations managed in a transparent way (even if it means saying “no”), receives strategic advice backed up by informed reasons and, of course, gets the deliverables on time and within budget. And it doesn’t hurt when their expectations are exceeded!

A good kick-off and weekly progress consultation is necessary for cooperation with third parties. If possible I ensure full transparency between the different parties. So that whenever impediments occur everyone is informed, the impact can be determined and all parties can contribute to a solution

To round my role up, I can negotiate contracts, keep track of the financial planning and invoicing, and I have vast experience evaluating the results of a project to build future business cases.