Finding solutions and answers using the power of machine learning. ‘Without data, it’s just an opinion’

#Data Science

Dana Cosman

Strong background in data modelling with focus on problem identification, data processing, relevant statistics and forecasting. I am an enthusiast of projects that require complex data models and machine learning techniques.

Motivated by making data experiments for finding the best model of a specific problem. I am always proud and almost surprised by the power of data and deep learning models. It can bring valuable information to clients in a place where maybe no one thought that data could be put to good use.

I am a strong believer that business decisions should be based on a good analysis, that there is always space for improvements and one should keep their business up to date with the latest technologies. Data is everywhere now and we collect more and more. Why keep it if we don’t use it?

Combining a good mathematical model with a neat cloud architecture for getting an IoT solution it’s something every business secretly desires.

Superpowers​: absorbing information, deep learning, machine learning, Python, SQL

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