Drive for innovation

#Artificial Intelligence

Aris Kalgreadis

I am a software engineer focused on research and development of state-of-the-art applications in the fields of computer vision, AI, IoT and industrial robotics. I am truly passionate about working in the tech industry, finding innovative solutions to complex problems.

My mission is to help companies break into AI and make scientific and data-driven decisions to run their business more effectively or automate their work to ensure cost reduction and product scaling. I highly enjoy having an active role in the complete product development lifecycle, from inception to production, having a strong focus in modeling and deployment phases.

The field of AI is constantly evolving at a very accelerated pace, with new technologies and tools emerging daily. I therefore make sure to keep myself updated and follow the latest trends in the field, in order to be able to choose and apply the right tools for each project.

Being a strong believer in agile software development, my goal is to always develop and implement strategies that maximize team performance while keeping high standards in product design cycle efficiency, and achieve superhuman results.


Computer vision, algorithm development, deep learning, data science, agile software development, C++, Python