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In this very competitive world, data can give you the upper hand as a business. Wait, let’s rephrase this. Using the most-fitting tools and platforms to derive insights from all the data your company generates and knowing how to interpret these insights to build your company strategy, establish business goals, enable your different LoB’s to collaborate, and plan for the future. Now thát will take you to the top of your industry. By now, a lot of businesses have put this goal on their wish list, but transforming into a data-driven organization is quite challenging. Every day, we help companies to become data driven. Are you wondering how a data-driven strategy can put you in the forefront of your industry? Read on!

Obtaining maturity in data and analytics doesn’t have to be a challenge

Most business leaders agree that effective data and analytics strategies are essential for business transformation. It helps you to book a solid turnover, to be able to move along with fluctuations in the market and to ensure growth in the long run. However, becoming successful in this area is challenging. In our daily work, we encounter a lot of organizations who are struggling to become mature users of data and analytics.  

The past few years, we have tackled many complicated data challenges, often combined with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning principles. Through user-friendly visualization and structure, we give available data context. By storing it in the right way, we give meaning to your company information. Turning your data into relevant information remains an ongoing process. It’s a process that must be continually modified, based on changes in your markets, your business, and in technology.

How we can help you to become data driven

We master all types of data sources and have many years of experience with various types of data platforms. Of course, we’ve got the tech part down. But, we also know how to inspire and guide you through a dense forest of digital opportunities and develop a solution that fits your business best.

We design and build innovative data platform solutions on Microsoft Azure. The data platforms we build, can function as the perfect starting point to:

  • Process your data and function as a central data hub;
  • Develop new data-driven applications by your data scientists;
  • Create visualizations and gain business insights by your data analysts.

Azure Synapse is a holistic data platform which allows you to build and manage a modern data warehouse. Microsoft’s SaaS (Software as a Service) platform offers unique elements working together in Azure Synapse:

  1. Data warehousing to support business critical data and dashboards;
  2. Data lakes to clean and explore (un)structured data;
  3. Interactive visualizations of data with Power BI. 

A powerful SQL processing engine provides the opportunity to handle and query large datasets to drive insights for all users. Including advanced security and privacy features. So, no more stitching multiple solutions together for data analytics, but use Azure Synapse for unlimited information analysis.

Discover Microsoft's Toolkit which helps you to get started uncovering critical insights with Azure Synapse Analytics.

Here’s how we’ve helped some of our customers transform into more data-driven companies

With our data solutions, we help you to think digital and stay competitive. To give you an idea of what we can do, and how it can transform your business, we’ve lined up some examples of recent data solutions we’ve build.

  • For Stichting Informatievoorziening voor Zorg en Onderzoek (STIZON) we have built a futureproof data-driven solution which enables them to process data extractions, from different sources, faster, more accurate, more secure and in a transparent way to better support their business model. 
  • ASML was looking for a different approach to their content management system. We approached this case as we would approach any data-based challenge. In the end, the information in the working instructions and manuals is nothing more than data. Every step, building block, part or procedure is a piece of data. By giving this data context through visualization and structure and store it in the right way, we gave meaning to the information and helped ASML to get more out of their CMS.
  • We have built the web application Building Insight | Air in only 4 weeks, running on the Building Insight Platform of Unica, using Microsoft Azure Cloud technology. This web application for Unica also functions as a solution to prevent COVID-19 spread.

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