Global AI Bootcamp - 2019

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The Global AI Bootcamp is a free one-day event organized across the world by local communities that are passionate about artificial intelligence on Microsoft Azure.

Learn all day about AI on December 14, 2019!

The event takes place on Saturday 14th of December on venues all over the world centrally and supported by Microsoft. More specifically for The Netherlands, the event takes place in DeFabrique, Utrecht. The event is the perfect balance between quality content, awesome lectures, getting your hands dirty and learn & share with other community members.

Workshop: Facial features recognition. From Open source to the Azure Cloud.

During this workshop which we host we will build a web application together that can detect the face of any given person and its characteristics. This application can be used in many different modern applications for various domains: security, interactive multimedia systems, smart homes, and other application areas. 

You will be given the opportunity to learn how to work with:

  • open-source computer vision and machine learning libraries;
  • how to train the model using Azure Custom Vision API;
  • and how to finally integrate the model in the real web application using data from your laptop's web camera.

We hope to see you there! You can easily register for this local AI event here.


Where, when and who

Global AI Bootcamp - 2019

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Westkanaaldijk 7
3542 DA Utrecht
The Netherlands

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