Secure your smart home with a Smart Lock

#Internet Of Things


M&C is a distributor and wholesale of EU class 5 door locks. M&C offers an extensive choice in security products. From cylinders to Security Bars and from door handle sets to padlocks. All come with a five-year guarantee. 

M&C understands the mechanical world and sees smart locks both as a threat and an opportunity. How can something ordinary be turned into something very valuable and create additional revenue through added digital services. 


M&C designed and build a secure lock with Bluetooth technology to create a Smart Lock. The Smart Lock is a snap-in replacement for existing door cylinders. Security is guaranteed by advanced encryption, packaged in an easy to use Mobile App. 

A legacy of excellence to protect

M&C has been selling high secure and state-of-the-art locks over the last 30 years. In 2017, “state-of-the-art” means connected, and homeowners are ready to bring smart technology into their locks. M&C has a legacy of excellence to protect as they strive to meet the changing demands of their customers. In order to incorporate a best-in-class tech experience to their locks, they needed a partner who understood the unique challenges of our market and combines this with new digital opportunities.

The engineering and regulatory challenges to adapting smart technology to a lock where still everybody has to be able to install these themselves were substantial. M&C had to find an established firm to help them tackle these challenges and uphold their legacy by bringing the smart lock to market in the Netherlands.


M&C chose to partner with Heroes, the digital company which Thinks Digital. Heroes was selected based on their expertise of being creative solutions, and their record for delivering best-in-class products. The result of this partnership, the M&C Smart Lock.

The M&C Smart Lock will be the first Bluetooth smart lock in the product range design to reach consumers in the Netherlands. The engineering challenges were tackled by a team from M&C working closely with Heroes to make sure the product would meet and exceed the needs of homeowners, both on the hardware part and software part.

M&C has since worked with Heroes to create a new industrial design concept for the lock so the leading-edge technology on the inside is reflected by a striking case on the outside. This al with the M&C requirement that everybody has to be able to install these themselves. M&C relied on Heroes to create a seamless software solution to make sure that also the software is easy to install.

Crowd Funding

Currently, M&C and Heroes are running a Crowd Funding for the M&C Smart Lock. When the M&C Smart Lock reaches consumers this year, they will be greeted with a distinctive, secure lock and it will be the entry of the M&C’s products in the Digital Era.