Transform your healthcare organization without jeopardizing data protection

Healthcare organizations manage ever-increasing amounts of data every day. And the amount of data in healthcare has increased exponentially due to the surge in digital healthcare services over the past year. Compared to other industries, healthcare organizations are not as digitally advanced so they will need to transform to meet modern expectations and standards.

The use of cloud technology enables digital transformation and will lead to better outcomes in healthcare, but if not handled correctly, the move to the cloud can pose potential security risks. And the healthcare industry is a particularly attractive target for hackers anyway, as they can potentially obtain a large ransom from healthcare organizations if they threaten to release sensitive patient data. 

Healthcare organizations cannot afford to choose between innovation and security. Cloud-based technology from a trusted partner will ensure that organizations embrace the innovations made possible by the data explosion, while maintaining robust data security. With a trusted partner like Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, organizations can benefit from an end-to-end, industry-specific partner that mitigates risk.

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare is the only cloud platform with integrated capabilities for enriching, normalizing and unifying protected health information (PHI). This industry-specific cloud solution protects valuable health information while enabling customers to support their compliance and making health data more accessible to the right users.

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare enables healthcare organizations to collaborate for better results, streamline operations and protect highly sensitive information, and it allows healthcare providers to embrace innovation with minimized risk.

The key benefits for healthcare organizations of using Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare are:

  • Cost reduction through consolidation of technologies.
  • Improved data agility across disparate data sets for deeper, faster insights.
  • Accelerated machine learning development for a less manual approach.
  • Increased data security and secure sharing of patient information.

With additional solutions to address the most urgent challenges the healthcare industry is facing today, Microsoft extends the value of its platform. Microsoft’s expertise in supporting customers to meet their compliance needs includes Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)  business associate agreements for business cloud services and more.

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