Text Mining with Evolution Algorithms

In order to stay at the forefront of a highly competitive market, it is often necessary to keep track of what your global competitors are doing. Unfortunately, this information is not easily found and therefore requires significant effort to gather from online sources and than extract only the relevant information.

Currently the client was spending a significant amount of time manually searching online to discover new competitor offerings that would help not only gain a better understanding of the market space, but also allow them to target potential new leads. This manual searching is also such a time intensive task that it can only be done on a monthly base, meaning that often a lot of the information that has been gathered could already be old. Another challenge faced by the client came from the fact that they operated in multiple markets across the world, meaning that not only was their search incredibly large, but it meant that information was rarely only in English and therefore requires a multi-language team to effectively find all relevant market information.


Therefore, the task was to build a Proof of Concept system capable of automatically gathering market information from the web on a daily basis, predict whether the information was relevant in multiple languages and finally present it back to the client in a way that would integrate well with their workflow, all within a 3-week window.

The focus of this article will be to explain the system at a high level, but we will dive into the custom AI model that was created for this task. Read more.

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