Rewarding sides of a project other than only the technique, what pays off?

Being a technical consultant for the last 25 years, it is sometimes also good to look back on a project with a broader view and see all the good things happening besides the tech-stuff. So, I leave most of the technique for another post and will mostly focus on all the other things that I have experienced during the VidaXL project I have been working on lately.

A clear explanation

First, I must explain you what we have done exactly in this project for our client VidaXL. VidaXL is an online only shop that sells everything for your home, garden and even more. Their slogan: ‘Live it up for less’.

They have huge warehouses where hundreds of thousands of products are stored. It is a big challenge to keep track of all these goods. For example, when boxes get mislabeled or complete pallets are placed in the wrong location. This is where we, as Heroes, come in. Together we defined two initial use cases namely for goods receiving and the so-called inventory viewer. Because the inventory viewer was the most difficult one, we decided to focus on that one first.

The inventory viewer is a moving installation with several industrial cameras attached to it that will ride alongside pallet racks to detect pallets and locations. On both a detected location-label and pallet it will find and decode the barcodes and texts. In the prototype phase it will only do so on a single shelve level. But how to start?

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