How We Are Organised

We have organised our company the way we do projects. We have a growing number of Squads combining different but complementary skills and bearing end-to-end responsibility for a project or specific deliverable within a project. We have Chapters with people sharing the same skillset and we call them Coaches, Scouts, and Engineers.  We have Guilds where engineers of a specific technology (IoT, Big Data, Azure Development) sit together to share knowledge and get better at what they do.


In football, trainers work on your physical condition and help you to acquire new skills.

Coaches, however, focus on the game tactic, determine the team strategy and positions in the field, inspire the team members, analyse the performance, encourage everyone to do better.

Our Heroes Business Coaches do the same in the Digital domain at Director and C-Level in medium and large enterprises. We help businesses understand what being a digital company means. We help them to change the way they think and make decisions.

In the past, IT was used to automate things. Making an existing process fast, more efficient, more profitable. Today digital technologies are used to completely change the way business operate and make money. Some people call this disruptive. We call it the next way of doing business.

Used to be called: Management Consultants, Business Consultants


Our Scouts are always on the lookout for smarter, better digital solutions. They have a broad technical background. By selecting the right smart components they are able to find digital solutions for challenging business problems.

Scouts are able to quickly get to the bottom of things. Scan and document the current as-is state. Determine the future-to-be state. Plan the roadmap to get there. They do this with an Enterprise perspective on Process, Information, and IT level.

Scouts are able to lead agile teams and turn a roadmap into tangible results. Making our clients’ vision a reality. Agile multi-disciplinary project teams consist of Heroes Engineers and client personnel. Leadership and strong communication skills are of the utmost importance to make this cooperation a success.

Used to be called: Enterprise Architects, Project Managers


Our Engineers have a strong and deep technical background in a specific field of expertise. Examples are Mobile/Web or FullstackDevelopers, Azure or Amazon Cloud Engineers, IoT Specialists, Big Data Experts, etc.

Our Engineers are pro-active individuals that know how the job can be done. Strong individuals with excellent team player skills. Hardskills combined with strong softskills. Not a t-shaped profile but what we call a +-shaped profile.

Used to be called: Developers, Consultants



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