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In 2018 I joined Heroes in the role of Cloud Solutions Architect. Focused on software development using AI technology to improve user experience and make software more intelligent. Now that I’m fully submerged in the Life at Heroes it is time for an introduction.

A bit about my roots.

My first encounter with computers was around my 6th birthday seeing my dad busy, evening after evening, behind a magical black and green screen. I could just be there sitting behind the computer typing “dir, dir, dir” and see the letters going over the screen.

It got a bit more serious around my 12th when my dad gave me his old 386SX laptop. It ran on DOS 6.0 and Windows 3.1 and had all the popular games like Command and Conquer, Warcraft and Doom. Around that same time, the internet arrived at my door and with a 14k4 modem and the unforgettable sounds that Trumpet Winsock could produce from the modem, the first websites loaded in Netscape Navigator 3 and Internet Explorer 2.

At high-school, I found other people also getting interested in computers and soon PC/Cyber parties where born. Here we could play computer games all day and night, of course only after we found the broken terminator in our coax network.

After that, things evolved fast and at my 16th I was working in a computer shop assembling and configuring home computers, learning Basic and Pascal aside.

Now roughly 20 years later I’ve learned to create software and I’m still hooked on the internet. After getting my MCSE and updating a lot of machines for the millennium bug, I slowly moved from the system administration side to web development. I ran my own web-company for a long time but gave up to get involved in bigger projects. For the last 7 years, I have been working for large companies like NS, ING and Nederlandse Bank, involved at large-scale development projects.

Giving back to the development community

In June 2018 I got rewarded with a Microsoft MVP award in the category A.I. for my work in the community. I founded a while ago the user group “Azure Thursdays” where, on every first Thursday of the month, we come together to talk about Azure related things. Starting from Juli 2018 I have taken a seat in the board of the Dutch Umbraco Usergroup and will be helping out organizing their community events in the Netherlands.

I also speak on numerous conferences about implementing AI in solutions. Since I joined Heroes 2 months ago I have spoken on the global Umbraco Conference, the Intelligent Cloud conference in Copenhagen, given a keynote on A.I. in Bucharest and most recently did a session at NDC Oslo. To keep track of all the event check out the Heroes event calendar!

The next big thing is going to be to organize the Global AI Bootcamp on the 15 of December, but more on that later! If you want to read more on AI please have a look at my blog at henkboelman.com or follow me on Twitter.


As heroes we all have superpowers. Mine is walking the thin line between software development and business. Making sure the tech behind the project is rock solid. The agile team is balanced. And the business case is sound and met on time. Challenging the status-quo, using cloud-native technology with a bit of A.I., to build intelligent solutions that have a lasting impact.

Contact Henk

+31 6 215 55 293

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