Data leads and applications will follow

Data has evolved into a critical business asset. But getting more data might not be enough to boost efficiency and innovation. What organizations need is a translation of data into information. And, because the context of information changes rapidly, organizations want to have this information available to them in real time.

Data, more than a day old, is thus far less useful to make decisions. The cloud creates new opportunities for converting data into visual dashboards, agile development of new applications, meeting business requirements and respond to changing market demands.  

Transform data into useful information  

In business, there is constantly a need for information. However, most of the time the data warehouse is updated during the night. As a result, employees only have access to the most up-to-date information the next day. The main disadvantage is that everyone is working with outdated and thus useless information and reports during the day. Bringing your applications to the cloud is required to transform data into valuable and real-time information.   

How applications follow data 

Begin by moving the most critical application with essential data to the cloud. You will see the benefits of the cloud right away: speed, reliability, security and modernization. Work processes will be modified and improved as a result of automation, as some procedures will be eliminated. Compared to working in the cloud, data processing can be delayed and limited if the rest of the organization's applications are still on-premises. Employees will see the benefits of moving your primary application to the cloud and the desire will grow to migrate other applications and the data to the cloud for improved integration and real-time data insights. 

Streamline processes with a cloud-based data model 

One of our customers moved one of their extensive data processes to the cloud clearly experiences all the benefits. Their procedure for a new purchase order was lengthy and complicated. To submit a purchase order, business users had to fill out a massive Excel spreadsheet with several tabs. Due to the difficulty, it took a long time to complete and errors appeared quickly. We have streamlined this process by creating a cloud-based data model that guides a business user through the process using a Microsoft Power App. They just have to fill in the information that is important to them, which now saves them a lot of time and eliminates errors.  

Data drives growth 

Organizations have long used data to increase operational productivity and drive creativity. This necessitates making information and applications accessible to anyone in the organization. New functionalities for business users to help them with their tasks and focus on core processes are delivered quickly. So, by having more data in the cloud and the appropriate use of applications, the more opportunities you will have to grow your business through better insights and process optimization.   

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