Understanding AI | How to build a long-term AI strategy

#Artificial Intelligence


To truly unlock AI’s potential and create numerous competitive advantages, it is necessary to adapt several aspect an organization. From internal workflows to business models, AI can represent a small revolution to your business.

This training takes approximately 2 to 3 hours & is hosted by our French partner Kwadigo.ai in French or English. The costs are starting from 70€ to 200€ (per participant). Register now!


The program

1. Necessary pillars

  • Integrating the right technologies progressively
  • Building a solid data culture
  • How to gain your management support
  • How to select your first AI project
  • How to prioritize AI use cases
  • Assembling the right team and choosing the right business model
  • How to adapt your workforce (augmented worker…)

2. Creating competitive advantages

  • AIoT
  • Data network effects
  • Data acquisition strategy
  • How to communicate about AI initiatives
  • How to reduce your dependence on AI vendors
  • Business Partnerships
  • Joining an AI ecosystem (Technical, Academical)

3. Use cases

  • Use case #1
  • Use case #2
  • Additional use cases will be presented in the advanced training

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