Agile/Scrum Essentials

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Don't you want to get stuck in preparations or planning? And work more customer, result-oriented and increase the cooperation within teams? Consider following our Agile/Scrum Essentials training. 

Agile was created by software developers, in the IT industry it stands for: software development in short and manageable periods, often no longer than a month or sometimes at most a week.  Improving processes by means of Agile development not only benefits the project but also the cohesion in a team.

The power of Agile lies in complex situations. The motto is just do it! Do not get stuck in preparations or planning, but get to work. You will gradually find out what the next step will be. Agile is a mindset of trust and guts. After completing a short task, you can analyze and reflect, so that you can look further in order to determine the next goal in the process.

In short, the strength of Agile lies in taking small steps, finishing things, testing whether the right thing has been done and learning by doing.


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The program

This Agile/Scrum Essentials training is for everyone who wants to work more customer and result-oriented. Who wants to increase cooperation within team(s) and actually deliver products in a short period of time and immediately add value.

Heroes provides you with this one-day training a basic set of tools that you and your team immediately can apply in their projects and their project organisation.

With the Agile/Scrum basic training you and your team are able to increase the quality of your services and improve the work process yourself.


Learn about Agile and Scrum and how it brings real value to your compagny/ project.

Wondering if Agile/Scrum can help your organization? Contact us to discuss the possibilities. 

Location: online or on location
Price: 950,- euro (1 day)

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