AI and IoT

From smart factories and smart cities to virtual personal assistants and self-driving cars, IOT and AI are transforming the way people live, work and do business. With our cutting edge solutions we help our clients to become digital winners.

Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial intelligence (AI)  aims to imbue software solutions with the ability to analyse data using either predetermined rules and search algorithms, or machine learning models recognizing patterns, and then make decisions based on those analyses. AI can be used to interpret spoken language, written text, large datasets or visual images. Yes, even a combination of the above. The interpretation results can be used to make predictions for the future, classify information or trigger any particular action in a workflow.

Examples of the values we have delivered to our customers:

  • A mobile app detecting counterfeit products and reporting potential frauds to the manufacturer.
  • An algorithm predicting market prices on raw materials for a manufacturing client.
  • A system that guides warehouse employees in the efficient bundling of packages based on visualization and image recognition.

Internet of Things 

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of objects and devices (i.e. sensors, RFID tags, lasers, cameras, production machinery or HVAC installations) that measure, collect and share information about their use and their environment. By integrating this information into the digital world through internet technology, IoT enables the involvement of data from physical objects in your business applications, resulting in a lot of valuable and (near) real-time data covering an entire plant, building or process.

IoT concepts like smart factories, smart buildings or smart logistics can help you to become more-proactive, save costs, be more sustainable and optimize efficiency and productivity. Some of the successes we have seen include the following:

  • One of our manufacturing clients has achieved a productivity increase of over 10% without having invested a single Euro in additional equipment.
  • We have seen an enormous saving in energy usage in a well-known Dutch theatre though the automatic detection of anomalies in energy consumption.
  • The shift from planned maintenance to preventive maintenance in HVAC installations has resulted in an enormous saving for one of our real-estate clients.

Based on our experience in the past years, Heroes has developed an Azure based architecture framework called IOT Insights, that allows you to get started easily. Simply start by connecting a subset of your sensors and applications to the gateway and build smart dashboards on your data. No heavy investments needed up front. You will be up and running in a number of days. Start small, learn, evaluate and expand.

Added value in weeks

We have noticed that many companies are struggling with IoT and AI in their organization. Possibilities seem endless and yet, success is not always guaranteed.  In order to help clients to make the right choices and validate their ideas before heavy investments are made, Heroes has developed a unique implementation approach, leading to a working prototype within weeks.

Want to know more?

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