Azure Development

We are an expert in Cloud Development with .NET and the Microsoft Power Platform. Our team is committed in delivering the best possible solution to meet your requirements. This has resulted in strategic innovation partnerships with many of our clients.

Azure development

Whether you need custom build business applications, APIs, data platforms, web applications or complex processing applications, Microsoft Azure provides out-of-the-box solutions and building blocks to tailor your needs.  To improve scalability, portability and maintenance, our Azure development team builds and maintains cloud-native, containerized and microservice-based .NET applications using Azure Container Services with Docker or Kubernetes.  Deployment is done with Azure Cloud Services, ensuring security, availability, performance and fault tolerance performance with zero downtime.

Microsoft Power Platform

Low Code is a visual software development approach that delivers applications faster and with less handwritten coding. Microsoft Power Platform is one of the undisputed leaders in the domain of Low Code Application Platforms. The platform consists of a toolbox of solutions (Power Apps, Power BI, Automate and Virtual Agents) that enable you to create advanced business applications rapidly. The Power Platform is especially interesting when it comes to creating or replacing simple CRUD applications, digitizing paper intense processes, creating powerful reports on existing data or conducting proof-of-concept scenario’s in which innovation ideas can be verified with business users. 

Delivery options

Application delivery has shifted from large-scale, project-based implementations to continuous cycles combining development and operations also referred to as DevOps. DevOps focuses on both organization and technology. Heroes can help you speed up your software release cycle and enhance autonomy within your teams using a proven method.  We do so by extending your in-house talent with our certified developers, architects and scrum masters. You can scale up or down at your convenience.

Alternatively, you leave the entire development up to us. Heroes will deliver and manage the entire project team, building the solution we agreed up front without any surprises. In doing so, we commit ourselves to the highest possible quality.

No matter what delivery option you prefer, you can also rest assured that our experienced consultants are certified and up-to-date on the latest developments.

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